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Establishing Common Goals

Understanding the Advantages of Homeownership



• You will have a great tax write-off. • You will have no tax write-off.
• Your housing expense may never go up. • Your rent can go up each year, typically four to ten percent.
• You can use, decorate, make physical changes to, and enjoy your home as you see fit. • You must get permission from your landlord to make any changes to your dwelling.
• You may increase your equity as your home appreciates in value.  • You have no equity build-up. Your money is gone for good.
• You are not at the mercy of your landlord. • You can be evicted, lose your security deposit, and more.
• Your house will become "home," not a temporary living situation.

• Your living situation is always temporary.

Communication... The key to a successful home purchase.

Together, we will sit down to discuss the type, size, style, and location of the kind of home you are interested in purchasing. After extensive research on my part, we will preview homes together that fall into that category.

Through constant communication and the benefit of our newest technology, our instant Home Finder Service, I will keep you appraised of any new homes that come on the market in which you might be interested. Once I have found that perfect home, I will negotiate with the sellers to get the best possible price and terms for the home you desire.

You will benefit at no cost to you. As you already know, my commission comes from the seller.

Don't Buy Your Home From Someone Who Won't Guarantee Their Work!

Historically REALTORS® were not required to work with buyers under a formal buyer agency agreement. Most states now require that all real estate agents disclose agency in the form of a Consumer Notice. A real estate agent can work with a buyer in a variety of agency relationships.

Most agents do not educate their clients. I work with buyers strictly in a Buyer Agency Relationship. What does this mean to you? This means I am working strictly for you, my buyer, in your best interest!

My Pledge to Buyers
I felt so strongly about it, I put it in writing.

To provide unsurpassed service to help you buy your home at a fair market price, in the shortest time, and the least inconvenience to you, I will:

  • Explain real estate agency relationships.
  • Maintain communication during the term of the agreement. 
  • Analyze your property needs and desires. 
  • Orient you to current market conditions. 
  • Provide helpful community data. 
  • Explain local real estate practices and procedures. 
  • Provide information on lenders and financing alternatives. 
  • Search the local Multiple Listing Service for suitable properties. 
  • Coordinate appointments and show all properties of interest, whether the properties are my listings or not. 
  • Provide relevant market data as to fair market value of homes. 
  • Disclose all material defects of the property known. 
  • Explain the offer-presentation process. 
  • Deliver any state required Property Disclosure form. 
  • Carefully explain and prepare Offer to Purchase forms. 
  • Arrange to present all offers to seller in a timely manner. 
  • Strive to obtain the best possible price and terms for you. 
  • Explain post-purchase activities and responsibilities. 
  • Follow up on all post-purchase activities. 
  • Keep confidential any information that you-designate in writing as confidential.


    Debbie Sloan

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